Sunday, July 11, 2010

All Registered!

There is no turning back now. I have officially sent in my payment and personal information to the powers that be in charge of Disney's Wine and Dine Half Marathon. It is a night race that starts at 10:00pm on October 2nd. The race is followed by an after party celebration in Epcot that goes until 3:00am or some crazy thing. I just hope I can finish before 3:00am! And if I do finish...there better darn well be some drinks left!

I was putting off registering just to make sure I could actually do this. And partly cuz I wanted to hang onto my $160.00 just a little longer. I'm still not convinced I can actually run 13.1 miles all in a row - but I have now financially committed to doing so.

It feels good to know that no matter what happens I will be part of that race. I hope to be the part of it that finishes....but I still have a few months to work on that, right?

I wish you all could join me there at the finish line to celebrate.

.......But now that I think about it - it may be better for you just to read all the details here. I mean, I'm sure my words will help you to visualize me sprinting gazelle-style across the finish line in my cute little running skirt, perfect complexion, and beaming smile. If you were in Orlando for my big race you might mistake me for the fat girl army-crawling to the finish line covered in her own vomit, sweating like a pig, and blubbering like a big baby. So, yea, I'll just tell you how it plays out ;)


  1. Kelly,
    That is great! Even in one of your favorate places. Pixie dust that it is a success. Just signing up is half the battle. GOod Luck!

  2. You can do it! I'm registered for this one, too, and I'm slower than slow! :)