Thursday, January 20, 2011

Travel Planning

One of the benefits of all these races is that I get to plan for all the fun that surrounds them. I am Planner Extraordinaire and I LOVE any reason to map out a vacation or research hotel rooms. Its all great fun for me. So much fun, in fact, that I spend more time planning for the race than I do training for it. Oops!

Plus, I have several other non-race related travels happening this year. So its a delicate little puzzle to make all this work. There are two conferences I'm excited about. One is in NYC. That deserves a little extra planning so I can fit in a Broadway show or two. Don't you think? And there is a cruise in October after the Wine and Dine Half Marathon: Take 2. And there is a music festival crammed into July somewhere that the kids and I are looking forward to. I am in Planner Heaven!

I got kind of wrapped up in my spreadsheets and folders of printed course maps this week. Then I came across another printout....its the training schedule for my first half marathon this year - on May 7th. (See how I have to say first half marathon this year. Since I've already run a half marathon. I mean, I would hate to confuse anyone and have them think this is my first one ever. 'Cause I actually completed that first one last October. Isn't that so cool?)

So yea....that training schedule....I guess I missed a couple days on that already. Not such a great start. I suppose I need to take that bad boy out of the folder and stick it somewhere I can see it. But, to make myself feel a little better I have gathered a few excuses to lob at you. 1) Its 4 degrees outside. 2) It was the first week of classes of my 'almost' last semester of college. (I still have to take three classes that weren't offered this term. I'm hoping I can get those done in the summer so it doesn't interfere with lots of travel plans this fall!) 3) Its 4 degrees outside.

That's all I got.

Even I can agree that those aren't great excuses. I need to plan around my schedule better. And suck it up about running in the cold. I suppose I also need to plan how I'm paying for all this.

But vacation planning is just so much more fun!


  1. We are so alike! All week all I've been doing is thinking about making all of my half marathons happen this year. I've paid registration for 4/5 of them, just waiting for the last to open up. But now I have to figure out airfare and hotels.

    This morning I've been busy working with my Excel packing list. I love that list! It is organized into sections with little boxes to check once the item is officially packed.

    I just love the whole planning process!!

  2. I absolutely HATE running in the cold!

  3. Fruitfly - I do believe I have a similar packing list. Kinda freaky :)

    Lisa - I'm so glad one of my excuses worked for you. I don't feel so bad now :)

  4. While I don't like to over plan a trip, I do think that much of the fun of travel is doing all the research and planning for it.

    As for planning for a race? Uh, I don't race. haha ;-)

  5. Jay - The planning for a race isn't the hard part. Its that darn running that gets ya!