Sunday, March 27, 2011

Rockin' Out my Week

I turned a major corner last Saturday. I'm not entirely sure how it happened, or even what happened. I'm just glad it happened. Part of it probably had to do with me not feeling all sick and yucky anymore. But it was something else too. I just felt better. Happier and stronger and 100% more positive.

Now, last Saturday was supposed to be my first race of the year at the Get Lucky 7k in Minneapolis. I canceled the hotel for that trip early in the week when I was still sick. I had faced the fact that I hadn't trained and would not be running. I even had a cool St. Patty's themed outfit ready, complete with blinking shamrock necklace and festive hair accessories. So I was pretty bummed. I probably would've tried to suck it up and run if it weren't 5 1/2 hours away. Oh well.

So Saturday I wake up feeling great. It was bittersweet. 'Cause had I known earlier in the week, I wouldn't have canceled. But I was REALLY happy to be feeling a little more like myself. It was a beautiful, sunny, 58 degree day. I grabbed my son and decided I would walk on the trail a little. I wouldn't really call it a run because we mostly walked, but we did cover some mileage. Six to be exact. I still had a lovely hacking cough that reappeared from time to time. But it was great being on the trail with him. I don't run with music, but my son is never far from his iPod. So I was surprised he didn't bring it. It was just him and I talking about all things running and making plans for how he would complete his first half marathon in October.

So you wanna see what 58 degrees and sunny looks like in Wisconsin?

That is only one section of the trail though. Most of it looked like this:

But still. It had been above freezing all week. And above 50 for three days prior to this. This was a patch of mutant snow that would not melt. And, a week later, it is still there! (Although, thankfull shrinking.)

Monday began a new training week and I was determined to get in all my runs for once. Lesley over at Racing it Off has been coaching me and giving me all sorts of good running advice. All I've really given her are excuses lately. But Monday's five miles - done.

Tuesday was a rest day. Wednesday was supposed to be five miles, but I rescheduled it for Thursday.

Thursday I got those five miles in. Although, I had every excuse in the world not to. I found the time in the middle of my day and just did it. Yes, the mid-day shower was inconvenient. I had to drink a protein shake instead of dinner while I was headed out the door. And I had a four hour night-class that started that week so I didn't finally get home until 10pm. But, those five miles gave me all the energy I needed to motor through my crazy day. And I was mighty proud when I laid my head down on the pillow that night. Not to mention, it was kind of funny to listen to everyone in class griping about dropping their kids off somewhere or having to make dinner before class started and I was just thinking, "Dude - I just ran five miles and managed to get my kids fed." Yes, I kept it to myself. But it was a proud moment, indeed.

Friday I went out for three miles, which actually felt easier than I remember three miles feeling.

And then yesterday I ran for 7 - count'em - 7 miles. Can we talk about this run? This was an epic run and deserves its own post. You can read all about it here.

So, in case anyone is doing the math - that means I got in all 20 miles this week. (Not including the 6 from last Saturday.) I know some of you do way more than that. But I like how 20 miles feels to me. I almost feel legit.

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  1. 20 is an amazing week. So glad you're back at it. And for the record, I'd be a couch potato if I lived in Wisconsin... I'm not sure I could contend with that trail. Unbelievable! You are awesome for getting out there (double reason to REALLY not worry about speed too).