Friday, July 15, 2011

The Plan, The Execution, and The Bright Side

This was my plan for the day: Get shit done. Run six miles.

I've been spending many, many hours in front of my computer reading, and researching, and connecting with people about some new business ventures. And while its all very exciting and mentally stimulating, I'm finding myself frustrated with how little is actually done at the end of the day.

So today was less about planning and more about executing. Hence, my declaration - twitter style.

This morning I was aflutter with activity. Crossing off check-boxes; tackling actual, real-life projects; opening actual, real-life mail with envelopes and was all quite productive. Then, in one of my whirlwind trips down the stairs, I stepped on my foot all funky. Ouch! My initial thought was: I knew I should've gotten those miles in first thing this morning!

Its not a major injury or anything. Mostly it feels fine. But at certain times it just lets me know its mad by shooting a sharp little pain up to my brain. So my brain decided that I would continue working on the plan and just move the run to later in the evening after my foot felt better.

I did end up logging some miles, but only 4.2 miles. And I had to walk them. The foot didn't hurt too bad until after the first mile. Then I would just get these sharp pains every now and again. Not constant - just intermittently. But it bothered me enough to call it quits before I reached the 6 miles originally on the books.

However, in my effort to silence the negative self-talk that lives inside my head, I've decided to look at the glittery lining of my little scenario.

1. Sometimes the plan needs to adapt to changes in the situation. That doesn't mean its a fail.

2. While 4.2 miles of walking is no 6 miles of running - at least its not a big, fat zero!

3. Even though my plan was not perfectly executed, I didn't abandon it completely. (This is a win for me since I would normally have relished the excuse to sit on the couch and watch old Disney movies all day while my poor, little tootsie was resting.)

4. I got uncomfortable and didn't die.

I just can't help but think that if the plan for the day had been:
Run six miles. Get shit done....this all may have turned out differently!


  1. Nice job on getting in some miles. Just don't hurt yourself any more!
    I totally thought of you on my run last night. I was really hot. I was sweating a lot. I was running faster than normal and couldn't really get myself to slow down. I was uncomfortable... .and I didn't stop or give up! Thanks!! :)

  2. Awesome job! And I think its so cool you actually thought of me while you were out there kicking butt.

    I've totally changed my mindset this week and its really helping. Uncomfortable no longer=bad. Uncomfortable=change. And that is what I'm going for. I'm so glad its helping you too. You always inspire me :)

  3. Aww, thanks. It's cool that we can inspire each other!