Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Me! Me! Me!

Admittedly, this blog has gotten away from the running focus it had in it's inception. Which makes sense since it's author has done the same.

I was absent here much of 2012 because 2012 was not about me. It was about my children and rebuilding my little family after it was shaken by a scary chain of events at the end of 2011. It was tumultuous, overwhelming, exhausting - and remarkably beautiful, all at the same time.  In retrospect, I'm thankful for the past year and the intensity with which I was able to focus on my family. But it left little room for any sort of focus on myself. There were no races last year, no mileage to speak of, and no weekend running retreats with my peeps. And that is exactly how 2012 needed to play out.

But now that I find myself here in the wee hours of 2013 I can hear that selfish little voice inside me dying for some attention. And, although cliche, it is true that I can't take care of anyone else without first taking care of myself. So I'm grabbing for the oxygen mask and bringing a little more balance back to this new shiny year.


  1. You! You! You!! I've missed you, Kelly!! So great to see you again!!

  2. hey! you've got to start getting ready for the Princess Half 2014....