Friday, February 19, 2010

The Dog and The Wii

So I'm feeling like I have a good handle on the diet portion of this training and decided to make some strides (pun totally intended) in the exercise department today.

I have to say that it was tough to schedule it in. My days are a little chaotic. I could see the time just slipping away until I forced myself to take a timeout and at least get outside with the dog. It was a beautiful sunny day and practically considered a heatwave at a balmy 38 degrees. The dog, Max, is definitely the biggest benefactor of my increased activity level. We walked about 2.5 miles and he loved every tail-wagging, tree-sniffing minute of it.

Here's a pic of my Max. Obviously not from today since we've got oodles of snow outside. This is from last fall. I just love that dog!

I look forward to the day that he's not dragging me behind and I can kick his butt. For now he is happy with my woosy pace.

And while Max might be happy with me and all sorts of supportive of the new "Get off your Butt" lifestyle, the Wii Fit Trainer Dude is not impressed.

I decided to pop in the Wii Fit game tonight to log a few extra minutes of movement. I know its been awhile since I've played, but frankly, I'm still holding a grudge from last time.

I know you guys want to hear about my strained relationship with the Wii Fit Trainer Dude. So let me back up a wii bit (another pun totally intended. I'm just cracking myself up tonight!)

Anyway, back when the Wii Fit first came out I pre-ordered it and made sure I was one of the first people to check it out. Cuz I thought for sure I had found the answer. Weight loss in a video game - brilliant! (Almost as brilliant as a holiday celebrated by the consumption of donuts...but I digress.)

Anyway, I let the kids have the first crack at it and watched as they set up their own profiles and played some of the games. For those of you not familiar with the Wii Fit, you enter in height and age info and customize your avatar (called a Mii) on your profile. Then you stand on the balance board to measure your weight and test your balance. I got through all the fun hair color/eye color/shirt color stuff and proudly stepped on the board......and then....the most humiliating, horrifying thing happened.....

My Mii turned into a beach ball.

Yep. Turns out the Mii will mirror whatever shape it feels is deserving of your height/weight combination.

So here I am with my cute little blond haired/blue eyed Mii in her fashionable pink shirt and she turns into a freaking beach ball with arms and legs wobbling penguin-style around my 42 inch screen. My traitor kids started laughing hysterically. I mean, they tried to hold it in for about 3 or 4 seconds, and then it was either let it out or literally bust a gut. They laughed so hard they cried. I cried too, but its unclear as to whether or not there was laughter involved.

Anyway, since then I have not been on the best of terms with Wii Fit Trainer Dude. I just don't trust the guy. But I figure I need to give him a second chance.

Apparently its been 477 days since I've last seen Wii Fit Trainer Dude and he wasn't impressed. He scoffed and I re-inputted the goal information and just went about my business kicking my daughter off the leader board in step aerobics. (It took me ten tries and 30 minutes to accomplish this...but I was determined and she was going down!) I tried some of the other games, but really, I can't hula hoop in real life. And swinging my hips around pretending to hula hoop is just disturbing.

Poor Max was really worried.

Anyway, I'm easing into the exercise thing for now. I'll ramp it up this weekend when I have more time.


  1. Kelly - watch out, you're almost inspiring me to face my little round Wii Mi! :-)

  2. You can do it Vicky! Just tune out the little evil "measuring....measuring..." voice and you'll be fine.


    After laughing for about an hour earlier tonight and then laughing through this post, I believe I have burned enough calories to go eat another Girl Scout cookie!

    I thank yee!

  4. I'm glad you're enjoying Heather! And I'm happy to do what I can to keep the Girl Scouts in business.