Tuesday, February 23, 2010

To Gym? Or Not To Gym?

I'll admit that its been quite some time since I've darkened the doorway of a gym. But I've had a few memberships over the years and I'm considering signing up for another one at the request of a good friend. She just got a new membership and thought it would be a great idea to work out together while I'm training for this crazy running goal.

You would think this makes perfect sense, but I have reservations.

My past gym memberships have entailed me signing the contract, getting the little tour from someone, going home that night all pumped up, and then watching my bank account dwindle as the monthly fees came out for the next 24 months.

I've done this not once, not twice....but three times.

The owner of the last place actually felt bad for me and hooked me up with three months of unlimited personal training to try to get me into the gym. I aquiesced for a couple sessions until I realized that I liked him even less than Wii Fit Trainer Dude.

Yea, me and gyms don't seem to get along. I mean, I'm all for the cute outfits and the great equipment. But other than that.....I'm not feeling the love.

Plus, let's not forget that I'm a fat girl. Fat girls don't like gyms. And then there are the perky, skinny girls who don't sweat. I hate them. I'm sure they're nice and all. I've got a perky girl or two inside of me right now. But I still hate them. My friend is a perky, skinny girl. I love her! But maybe when we're in a gym together I will get all Jekell and Hyde on her and not like her anymore. You never know. And we laugh alot when we're together. So there is the bladder control issue to consider. It may actually be physically impossibe to workout next to a perky, skinny girl while laughing, loving her, and hating her all at the same time. Yes, now that I think about it, I do believe the bladder control issue would present the biggest hurdle.

But I could use access to a treadmill since (like a big doofus) I recently sold mine. D'oh! For five years the stupid thing just sat there taunting me and taking up space. I was happy to see it go. I mean, who thought I would ever have some hair-brained idea to train for a 13 mile race? 13 miles in a row....on the same day! My own treadmill would sure come in pretty darn handy now. Wisconsin isn't exactly ideal for running outside this time of year. Oh well, eventually the snow's gotta melt, right?

So, I'm considering the gym thing. No promises. Just thinking maybe. I imagine the experience would make for some pretty funny stories on this blog. We'll see.


  1. If the stories end up being funny, to you, and to us, at the same time, are we allowed to laugh? At least laugh quietly in the corner?

    You know, so we don't disturb you while you work out. In the gym. While you try not to pee a little.

  2. Laugh hard and often, Heather! It burns calories, you know :)