Sunday, January 23, 2011


Has anyone noticed any of the changes on the right side of my blog?

I didn't think so. But since I'm still in planning mode and won't yet move into training mode until tomorrow, I really had nothing else to write about.

I had to cancel the Rock n Roll half in Chicago. I had a conflict that I couldn't really work around. I guess that one will have to wait until next year. But, I promptly added the Madison Mini Marathon in its place for the following weekend. I'm not so sure I'm in love with the course though. Anyone out there have experience with this one?

I also snuck the Bunny Dash in there. That one sounds harmless enough, doesn't it? My bff even said she *might* be convinced to hop through the Bunny Dash with me. That would be so much fun! I'm already waiting for them to get Easter stuff in the stores so I can hook us up with some bunny ears. Okay.... we won't actually hop through the race....well, not the whole thing anyway. Does anyone else hear the "Bunny Hop" song playing in their heads now? Oh! Is that just me? Lovely.

Another change - I will be adding a real live running buddy to my training.

Now, since beginning all this craziness it has just been me out there solo, schlepping through the miles. Sure, I eventually got Gary to tag along. And now I can't imagine heading out the door without him. But by new running buddy actually has a pulse!

I'm excited about this. Especially since its my 14-year old son! He asked me if he could run the Wine and Dine half with me this year. Of course I said yes. (He will be 15 at the time.) I was quite surprised at his request though, because he kept making fun of me throughout my struggles last year. Not in a mean way, but asking "why are you doing this if you are sore afterwards?" and "its not like someone is making you run all the time." I guess he thought I had lost my mind a little. But now the boy is intent on getting his own finisher's medal. I suppose there is just something about that bling that makes a person a little less rational.

I'm happy to have my son with me on the trails. It will be far less lonely. And perhaps it will help me to stay more positive since I will be encouraging him along the way. There is a little part of me that will miss the silence of my solitary runs in the Wisconsin countryside. But I'm way more happy to have inspired the boy to back away from the PS3 controller and lace up his shoes.

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  1. The Bunny Dash sounds too cute - especially if you wear the ears!!

    And how cool to have a little training partner for Wine & Dine! I would love to be able to add that race to my list this year, but sadly it's too full. :(