Friday, January 28, 2011

Stress Busters

I'm thinkin' I need to log a little hammock time. But seeing as I'm planted firmly in the state of Wisconsin and the calendar still says January....its not gonna happen.

Its not just that its cold and snowy and I'm sick of winter....I have been seriously stressed out lately. There is just too much bouncing around inside my head. Usually, I'm Conductor Extraordinaire of all those thoughts and ideas and responsibilities. Most days, to-do lists and project deadlines dance around each other almost effortlessly. I am the Master Multitasker.

But, lately, all those things in that head of mine just seem to be running into each other and getting lost in the nooks and crannies. I am completely drained and still don't get everything (or anything!) done.

Clearly, I'm not dealing with stress well. I'm certain my body is producing cortisol by the gallon. Of course this doesn't help my runner's physique any. And I haven't been sleeping well either. And, when I do sleep, its not that deep, restful, kitten-in-a-cloud, kinda sleep. So when I wake up, I'm still tired.

So rather than gripe about it, I'm acknowledging a problem and trying to find ways of coping. I even started using a yoga DVD again. Its not my favorite thing to do, but I have noticed a marked difference in how I feel when I use it. Now, for readers who may remember, I did NOT sign back up with Little Miss Yoga Chick from the Lessons in Contortion post. Instead, I used a kindler, gentler yoga instructor that was recommended to me. Her name is Megan Garcia and she is a plus-size model. She understands that some people don't just bend in half. And that when fat women bend in half there is usually a significant amount of boobage in the way.

Anyway, I'm making a conscious effort to manage the stress in my life. But all I can come up with is yoga and extra-long hot showers. I have one of those rainfall shower heads....its heavenly. I'm convinced if I could just set up an office in the shower I would probably be the leader of the free world. 'Cause I am all sorts of brilliant in the shower.

But, for the sake of my water bill, I need some more ideas. What do you guys do to manage stress? Any tips for sleeping better at night?

I totally have the Ghostbusters theme song in my head.


Now I'm never gonna get to sleep.


  1. That pre sleep anxiety is the bugger, isn't it? Even though I am the most cynical person on the planet, and do not easily ascribe to anything remotely "herbal" - there is a product that is over the counter that DOES WORK for pre sleep anxiety. It is called Pharma GABA. It's like a sweet tart in texture and flavor. It hits the same receptor sites as Xanax or Valium. GABA is the neurotransmitter that facilitates relaxation, restfulness, and decreases stress. So, I take Pharma GABA and a big does of Vitamin Bs (the "stress B" kind) before bed. If I'm struggling I also have a prescription for Trazedone, because it's non addictive and it works well. Also, no screens late at night seems to be important with me. Hot bath and yoga sounds terrific! I am headed over to the plump yoga model person now, btw.

    Hang in. Hope that helps!
    xo GP

  2. YES!!! I swear my best ideas and solutions to things come to me in the shower! Always when I'm washing my hair something will come to me and I always wish I could just write it down right then!!

    Ghostbusters was on last week. I watched some of it for the first time in decades!