Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Surprised, Humbled, and Re-energized!

I am just all sorts of surprised!

A fellow blogger over at Big White Granny Panties (don't you just love the name!) wrote a post today about my little ol' blog. I was a little taken aback that I had enough to say to actually warrant such a thing. I'm very touched by it and quite humbled that she singled me out.

She told me she went back and read my blog from the beginning. Which inspired me to do the same. (Partly because I was a little stunned that someone would care enough about my ramblings.) I found that re-reading some of the older posts helped me to relive those moments of clarity I had in the beginning of my journey, remember the struggles I faced along the way, and feel that sheer determination that allowed me to keep going when I thought I couldn't.

I know my new friend says I inspired her, but she has also returned the favor. Her actions and kind words have stoked the fire that has been smoldering over here for the last few months.

I started my blog because I knew I couldn't reach my goal without some accountability. But over this past (almost) year I've made some great friends and gotten helpful advice from people who were once perfect strangers. And who knew I would actually inspire someone along the way?

Big White Granny Panties is a fun, new blog. I still chuckle when I remember one of the lines from her  first post. (She is talking about getting a physical in preparation for a weight loss plan.) She says: "....and [the doctor] let me know I have the body composition of a Butterball turkey." Funny stuff :) Go check it out.

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  1. Kiss and Hug and back at ya Kelly. We'll drag each other across the (metaphoric) finish line on this health journey.