Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy New New Year!

Yes. I know it is February 1st. But I want a do-over.

I was sitting with my BFF at Panera yesterday and we were both feeling a little "blah" over our January. It was a crazy month. And a little depressing. It started out great with a wonderful vacation and great company.....

but then I came home.

And each day presented a new challenge. Some expected, some unexpected. My gung-ho, bring on 2011 attitude quickly faded as I dealt with the drama. Don't get me wrong, it was a productive month. But I wasn't spending my time doing the things I wanted. Life was happening. I wasn't living.

So, in our comfy chairs at Panera, sipping our mugs of coffee, I declared that I was ready for a do-over. It was a new week, a new month, and, in my mind....a new year. Any yucky stuff that was gonna happen this year, happened in January. And now I'm onto the fun stuff!

February is an awesome month. I love February!

There's Mardi Gras, the Superbowl, and, most importantly... my birthday. I mean, that is pretty much a party every weekend! I will also be celebrating my one year bloggiversary this year. It was a Fat Tuesday celebration last year that led to my very first post ever. And, after seeing my declaration of New Year's Take Two on Facebook, a friend of mine pointed out that February 3 is the start of the Chinese New Year. So there will be other people celebrating along with me.

February is also the start of another weight loss competition with my Loser Friends. And Lesley, over at Racing It Off, has offered to coach me for the next four months. How cool is that? Now I have a running coach....I sound all sorts of legit now, don't I?

I am just giddy happy looking forward to the months ahead. And I'm equally thrilled that January is over.

So, pop a cork and join me in welcoming in the New Year (again)!


  1. Can I just say that you have THE best running coach EVER!! I mean I'm not partial or anything, except that I totally am!

    Happy New Year to you!

  2. It is said that one can be renewed at any moment of any day, they just have to believe. You are an amazing Mom, a wonderful friend, and an inspiration to all who read your blogs.

    Happy New Year Kelly... CHEERS!!!