Thursday, February 3, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1. GoNaturally Organic Honey Hard Candies I found these great hard candies that are like little drops of love on your tongue. There are several kinds, but I've only tried the honey flavor and they totally rock. They are low sodium, have no preservatives, are dairy and gluten free, and have no additives or fillers. Each Drop o' Love has 15 calories. Here is the ingredient list: Organic Evaporated Cane Juice, Organic Brown Rice Syrup, Organic Honey. That's it! Three things. I got mine at Amazon. They were on sale and when you order with their Subscribe and Save program (which you can totally cancel or change super easily) they are even cheaper and ship for free. The only problem is that I have to hide some from my kids or I won't get any. They LOVE the things. I'll let you know how the other flavors are, but need to try the honey (and NOT honey lemon - cuz that seems too much like a cough drop. Just go for the straight-up honey.) They have a really deep, honey flavor that isn't overly sweet. My son described it as, "a beehive exploding in his mouth." He's a 14 year old he meant it as a good thing :) And no one paid me or sent me free stuff to write this review, cuz I'm just not that cool yet.

2. Snow Days! As most everyone knows, we had a little blizzard here in southeastern Wisconsin. We get lots of snow here and can recover from most storms rather quickly. This one was a doozy and things started shutting down Tuesday afternoon and just about everything was closed on Wednesday, which was expected. I mean, we did get two feet of we need a day to clear that up. Last night I sat in front of the computer to do some homework for classes today and saw that the campus was gonna be closed another day! (Not due to the snow, but due to the fact that its -30 degrees.) It was totally unexpected and I felt all happy and giddy just like when I was a kid. I missed out on the free pass from Wednesday because I still had to submit assignments for an online class. But Thursdays I have to be on campus for a class and I am loving the bonus! (In my mind, it totally feels like my declaration of the New New Year is being celebrated like a real holiday. How cool is that?)

3. I'm a Geek. And Newton's Three Laws of Motion make a lot of sense to me in regards to exercise. Because, like the first law states, when my body is at rest, it likes to stay there. And when my body is moving, it does a pretty good job of staying the course. So, the hardest part of my exercise program seems to be lacing up my shoes. And the second law pretty much says that an object will accelerate in the direction you push it, that the direction is directly proportional to the force, and inversely proportional to the object's basically, it sometimes takes a lot to get my big butt moving. But if I apply significant force, I will move in the direction I want. And that third law - about how there are equal and opposite forces present when two objects collide - I felt that one when my knee hit the pavement the other day.


  1. Ugh, everybody gets a snow day but ME! NOT. FAIR.

    You're so lucky - enjoy your holiday/day off! ;)

  2. Utah got NO SNOW DAY, even though it's bitterly cold. Damn our fabulous snow removal system. xoxoxoxoxo GP

  3. RR - As much as I love a good snow day, I would totally take the green grass you have instead!

    GP - I sometimes curse our fabulous snow removal system too when I'd like an excuse to stay home.