Sunday, March 14, 2010

I Want My Hour Back!

I'm all for "springing ahead". I'm the first one to enjoy those extra minutes of daylight as the wintry grayness melts away to make room for the greenness of Spring. I'm anxiously awaiting weeks of dinners prepared outside and retiring my stove in favor of a 50 pound bag of charcoal.

I look forward to drinking a glass of wine outside on the deck without donning long underwear.

And washing my car without fear of the windows freezing shut.

Really, I'm not that hard to please.

I love me some summer.

But today. In my present state of grayness......I really need that extra hour. I tried to prepare myself to part with the precious minutes today. I did not waste it on sleep. I got up extra early, in fact. As if to laugh in the face of the Daylight Savings Time people. I don't need an extra stinkin' hour of sleep! Nosireebob.

But it is 11:15pm as I type this. It should only be 10:15pm. Do you know how many things on my To-Do List could be crossed off if I just had an extra hour? Today was just not a good day for me Daylight Savings Time people!

I was really sick last week. I would've gladly given up an hour of that time. Heck....I would've given up five if you would've just left me my lousy 60 minutes today.

So something had to give. I still had to feed the kids. The dog still had to go out. There was that laundry that wasn't gonna wash itself. And really? Do you think I'm gonna give up my online chatting time? We must keep up with the social networking.

So, as much as it pains me, I had to give up the run today. I wanted to go. Really I did. But those darn Daylight Savings Time people ripped it right from me. And even without logging my running time today, I'm still behind on "The List".

I don't see anyone trying to take an hour away from Monday. Cuz that would make too much sense. Why do they have to mess with my Sunday? And, since I brought it up.....what is with the whole mysterious missing hour at 2:00am? Why can't "they" say we lose an hour at 4:00pm on Monday? 3:58....3:59.....5:00!!! Time to go home! I don't even have a 9-5 job and I'd be all for it. I imagine there are lots of working folks who'd think that's some brilliant thinking right there.

You're welcome.

But, sadly, no one in authority at the Daylight Savings Time headquarters listens to me.

They should though.


  1. pssst Kelly.

    As much I love your "take it from Monday" idea, I'm pretty sure you wouldn't get so many votes for the "extra Monday workhour" in the fall. Monday's are bad enough as they are.

    Just make sure you run twice in the fall with it's extra hour and you'll be fine!

  2. Reid - The beauty part about making your own rules is that you can change them to suit your needs. So I say we spring ahead on Monday and then fall back on all works out :)

  3. The spring forward thing is always a hassle. For some reason when we are under DST I never can get to sleep at a decent hour. Then I'm tired all day. Which should mean that I go to bed the early the next night and things should balance out. But, it doesn't work that way.

    Maybe I should move to Phoenix where they ignore all this time change crap? ;-)

  4. Jay - I agree. I'll meet you in Phoenix.

  5. I hate the time changes, too! I think it is an outdated concept that needs to be axed!

    I like your idea of Spring Fwd on Mondays & Fall back on Sundays! So if we have to stick with the stupid changes at least it makes it a tad more pleasant!