Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spring Cleaning

I just love that the weather is getting warmer. Love, love, love, love, love it!!!

The snow is almost completely melted from my yard and I have stowed the shovels and salt in the garage - not too far out of reach though, we are in Wisconsin. I'm sure I'll be rummaging for a shovel again before the May flowers show up, but for the time-being it is beginning to look a lot like Spring.

There is a whole winter's worth of dog poop scattered across my lawn and the melting snow has revealed the gray deck that needed to be stained LAST year. Winter is good at hiding things like this. But when the summer sun shows up the sad-looking deck and poop minefield will have nowhere to hide.

I'm thinkin' the same can be said for my "new quasi-running" body. I mean, right now I'm safe all bundled up in some long pants and a hoodie. I may look a wee bit out of place running down the block dressed that way in July! So I'm ramping things up again. The thought of subjecting my poor neighbors to images of me in moisture-wicking tech shirts and (gasp!) Spandex while training seems like cruel and unusual punishment. I'm sure they appreciate me thinking ahead on this one. I'm considerate that way.

I like being on this side of summer - especially when there is still a good bit of time to prepare for it. There is so much to look forward to. Even the work seems exciting right now. I can't wait to mow the lawn again and break out the pressure washer.

Right now I'm dying to start Spring Cleaning. Can I just count that as part of my training? Cuz I'd really rather clean out closets than Turbo Jam or check in with the Wii Fit. But there are the neighbors to consider.....


  1. Kelly - My yard is full of mind fields to. But it is to wet to go clean them.

  2. I just Spring Cleaned the hell out of my closet and I lost 15 lbs...of crap! There's nothing like decluttering.

    Living in Miami you'd think we wouldn't know the difference in the seasons but it's been in the 40s and 50s (coldest winter ever) until just recently, and tonight it's starting to cool off again. I can't wait 'til beach weather rolls around. I want to wear sandals again and put my boots in the back of the closet!

  3. Ily - I am embracing the 50s this week! It feels mighty warm for March in Wisconsin. Your coldest winter ever is our early spring warm-up. I'm looking forward to beach weather too - we get about a week and a half of it around the middle of August.

    And congrats on the closet weight loss. I think you should go shopping now that you have all that extra space ;)