Thursday, March 4, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up

Yes, I know this should've happened last night. I had intended on it. Honestly I did. I mean, that was the deal....Wednesday Weekly Wrap-Ups. But I know you guys understand that this has been a tough week and you will forgive me just this once, right?

This cold is kicking my butt. I took some medicine last night and it knocked me out. So that's my excuse for not checking in. I was thinking of skipping the weekly wrap-up altogether this week simply because it was so crazy and, frankly, a big ole blur at this moment. But for the sake of monitoring progress I'll suck it up and post the stats.

Here goes:

Calorie Counts: 1482, 1421, 1422, 1279, #*@!#, ???, ???

For three days I didn't log in calories. I'm unsure how I did two of those days. But I know for sure that the day of my birthday was just ugly. And, like I said, we're just gonna overlook that little fiasco.

Having a house guest here made it difficult for me to keep track of the food intake as well as I had been doing. I still feel like good choices were made most of the time. But I also know that I could've done MUCH better.

What's Working: This week what saved me was having lot of fruit and veggies all cut up and ready to grab. It seemed like I was running around constantly. One of my favorite snacks were frozen seedless grapes. They are so good they almost felt naughty! Just rinse them and stick them in the freezer in a shallow container and then pop them in your mouth like candy. Its like a dieter's version of bonbons.

Favorite Food Finds: I didn't spend much time in the grocery stores this week. I will mention my favorite cereal though. Total Cranberry Crunch. Good stuff. And lots of good nutrients in there. I will eat it as a snack at night if I see that I'm lacking in iron or calcium for the day since it delivers a full 100% of the recommended daily values of each. The four grams of protein and 4 grams of fiber help too.

Struggles: I think we've covered this. Unexpected house guest. Mom bearing gifts o' food. Birthday cake(s). Best laid plans going awry. It happens. I'm moving on.

Minutes Exercised: 260
Miles Walked: 3

What's Working: This week? Nothing. Its a bust.

DVD I'm Liking: I thought the post-sex strut scene in "500 Days of Summer" was simply brilliant. Oh! You mean workout DVD's....I'll have to get back to you on that one.

Struggles: My exercise was greatly affected by my being sick. I had just enough energy to make it through my daily responsibilities and not much more. When I would start walking or doing something the least bit exerting I would just start hacking up a lung. It wasn't pretty. I did spend at least 30 minutes each day with the Wii Fit Trainer Dude just to keep him on my good side.

Pounds Lost Since Last Wednesday: 2.5 pounds
Total Pounds Lost: 17.5 pounds

I'll take that. And next week will be better. I promise.


  1. As long as you're moving in a positive direction (heck, even if you aren't) as long as you're motivated and seeing results you want to see - you'll be fine. Good work this week, especially with the distractions!

  2. Hey Kelly - just checking in, hadn't been reading lately. Great job on the weight loss - keep it up. PS - can I live my diet vicariously through you?

  3. Thanks guys!

    Reid - Those distractions and slip-ups this week made me really thankful for this blog. It would have been really easy to just "fall off the wagon" and start again next Jan. 1st. But this is proving to be a useful tool in the accountability department.

    Vicky - Thanks for coming back! When I started this it wasn't really about the diet. More about the goal. But the cold hard truth is that 13.1 miles will be a lot easier with less of me to carry!